ScreenplaySubs #1

New Films + Accuracy Scores + Contribute feature

Hi all,

First of, thanks for joining this mailing list. We didn't expect as much traction as we got, so it feels very motivating to continue developing the app

I'm aware you might have a bajillion other mailing lists, so should make this one as succinct as possible.

Expect the mailing list to contain feature updates and new films added around Saturday or Sunday (in time for your relaxing weekend..).

Feature Updates

- Movie gallery now has an accuracy score, showing how much of the scenes in each film can be synced automatically by our code. Some films may still have some scenes that need to be synced. Currently, we do this manually, tagging timestamps in the screenplay. However, I'd like to encourage you to contribute by clicking the 'contribute' button. We will add some documentation to further streamline the contribution process and make it more convenient for anyone to do. You can bet that we are working on that. The contribute page also has metadata such as script version and link for each of the supported films. Please refer to the screenshots below on these new features.


- We now support TV episodes.

- We're now experimenting on modifying our UI and came up with this demo video. Would be great to have some feedback.The idea is to overlay the screenplay on top of the video so that it's easier to switch between reading and watching.

New Films

- Scott Pilgrim VS. The World (2010)

- Steve Jobs (2015)

More Info:

You can reach out to vote for new films by joining this FB group:

For feedback, please reach out to this email, in the FB group, or in the extension page.  (Note: If anyone prefers not to use FB, please let us know. The reason we currently consider this option is that it's free and has a polling function which is handy for voting new films.)

Have a good rest of the day,